Hand Operated Sprayer

A must have Gardening Gear for All!
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A must have Gardening Gear for All!

These are designed to be carried and operated manually by one person, are widely used in agriculture. They are suitable for treating small areas such as nurseries,greenhouses and vegetable gardens;

Simple to operate,easy to clean and store. Easy to handle, even kids can try their gardening skills. 

Our Hand-operated sprayer features a compact structure and a very ergonomic design. At the same time they are well-known for their ruggedness and reliability, making them ideal for both industrial and home applications.

The handheld sprayers are characterized by their light-weight construction,efficiency and reliability.These are available either as fine sprayers or pump sprayers.

Hand Operated sprayers offer finest spray distribution and easy handling.They are used in the garden, the green house and in the household for indoor plant care, for plant protection outside, or for cleaning jobs inside. The pressure sprayers are differentiated by their pressure cushion, which produces an even spray jet with up to 3 bar pressure without the need for manual pump action.

They are used for small jobs in hard-to-get-at areas where the spray equipment must be carried in. Hand sprayers use compressed air to force the spray liquid through the nozzle

Hand sprayers are economical, uncomplicated, and lightweight, yet will do a surprising amount of work.The spray is easily controlled when it comes to direction, drift, etc., because relatively little spray is used at low pressure.

Available in 2 capacities - 500ml and 1 Litre.

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