Ira Eco Solutions and Research Center


We are devoted to….

-          keep mother earth healthy

-          Protects crops free from harmful insects, fungus and microorganism, hazardous chemicals and fertilizers

-          To maintain balance and harmony

-          To rebuild the soil

-          To Promote earth friendly agriculture

About Us:

IRA Ecosolutions and Research Center is a company devoted to “Explore the secretes of the Nature”.

Blend of  Pharmacist, Biotech, Traders and Ethanobotanists.

We are in the business of Organic agri products.

We are committed to work with a single goal of protecting mother earth and help growing healthy human beings.

IRA Ecosolutions and Research Center….


Product concept and Product quality: 

We are IRA Ecosolutions are committed to provide organic pesticides, fertilizers, Plant Growth Promoters useful in field of Agriculture. Nature in its essence is Natural, Original, Simple, Humble, Creative and aesthetic….

We use Organic Eco certified ingredients.

The raw material required is purchased from authorized sources.

The ingredients go under stringent tests (before incorporating in our products) in Govt. authorized labs and our own lab.

We are committed to protect environment hence our products are eco friendly.


Contact Us :

Ira Eco solutions and Research Center

58/22, Pune Bangalore Old Highway, Kondhave, Satara, Maharashtra. 415001

 Customer care : 7798968815

Contact Person : Sayajeerao Kadam (CEO) , +91 7767936633

Website :

Email : ,

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Protekt – Larvigo Larva Controller

Unique formulation developed by using plant-based oils such as extract of Allium sativum , Piper nigrum extract

Python –Fungus Controller

Unique formulation for stopping spread of plant’s fungus and some of the Bacteria’s.

Python –Nematode Controller

A completely natural product based on extracts of natural herbs for better control on nematodes.

Tycoon – Mites Repellant

Unique formulation for stopping spread of plant’s fungus and some of the Bacteria’s.

Protekt – Insect Repellant

This is well option for chemical pesticide for the control of jassids, aphids, mealy bugs, thrips etc. it is not harmful to the beneficial insects like ladybird beetles, honeybees, predators & parasites etc.