Low awareness about certified Organic Inputs :

Many farmers in the country like India have only vague ideas about organic farming and its advantages as against the conventional farming methods. Farmers lack knowledge of compost making using the modern techniques and also its application. Use of certified organic inputs and organic-pesticides requires awareness and willingness on the part of the farming community. Organic inputs means which are made only from plant, animal and seaweed extracts and approved to use in organic farming under specific organic standards.

Organic Approved (certified) Inputs :
These are organic fertilizers, organic pesticides , organic fungicides or any other inputs which are allowed to used under any specific organic standards. These are the products which are approved or certified by the any certification body with reference to any specific organic standards, there are more than 500 certification bodies across the world which provides organic certification to farm, inputs and handling.

List of certification bodies working in India can be obtained from following link..

You can get certified organic inputs worldwide online from www.orgakart.com.The home of certified organic inputs and home gardening equipment..

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