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Amigrow is an organic bio-stimulant suitable for all types of crops. It boosts the overall growth of crops resulting in higher yields. #plantgrowth #bestorganicplantgrowhtpromoter
Rs: 486.4


DIVINEĀ® is an organic certified plant growth enhancer, plant growth promoter. Divine is derived from Tulsi (Basil) plant extract.With the use of Divine we can achieve huge tillering and flowering, increased bearing of fruits and size of fruits.
Rs: 677.92


Organic Plant Growth Promoter
Rs: 633.84

Triple Ferti Liquid

Triple Ferti Liquid is a unique combination of consortium of N, P, K, Vitamins & Micronutrients.
Rs: 471.2

Triple Neem (Liq.)

Triple Neem is natural insect replant. ITs 30% Neem oil, 100% soluble in water.
Rs: 243.2


Vision is Certified Organic product. Vision is rich source of silica which is most important micronutrient.
Rs: 703.76