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G5 Granules

G-5 organic granular fertilizer is world's first multi-activity granules. Five different contents of G-5 not only brings about plant and root growth but also protects plants from pest-fungal attack and damping off/root rot.
Rs: 311.6

Relive (R.T.U.)

Growth Promoter & Nourisher especially for Kitchen Gardening & Terrace Gardening.
Rs: 486.4


SOIL GOLD is organic approved granular fertilizer. Natural Bentonite granules are coated with Seaweed, Folic Acid, Humic Acid, Folvic Acid, Organic Nitrogen, Sulphur, Amino Acid.
Rs: 562.4

Triple Neem (Liq.)

Triple Neem is natural insect replant. ITs 30% Neem oil, 100% soluble in water.
Rs: 243.2


Vision is Certified Organic product. Vision is rich source of silica which is most important micronutrient.
Rs: 703.76

WAH!! Beauveria bassina 2.5 % WP

WAH is a biological insecticide contains spores of Beauveria bassiana, strain WH 104 a naturally occurring entomopathogenic fungus that uses the insect body as host & infects. Spores starts multiplying as it comn es in contact with the cuticle (skin) of the host insect. It germinates and grows directly through the cuticle to the inner body of the host and proliferates in such a ways throughout the insect’s body.
Rs: 1,094.4