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Relive (R.T.U.)

Growth Promoter & Nourisher especially for Kitchen Gardening & Terrace Gardening.
Rs: 486.4


SIGMA CHITOSSAN is an organic fungal repellent which is natural Chitosan extracted from sea crab shells. SIGMA CHITOSSAN act as effective fungal repellant for all type of fungus.
Rs: 1,854.4


SOIL GOLD is organic approved granular fertilizer. Natural Bentonite granules are coated with Seaweed, Folic Acid, Humic Acid, Folvic Acid, Organic Nitrogen, Sulphur, Amino Acid.
Rs: 562.4

Triple Neem (Liq.)

Triple Neem is natural insect replant. ITs 30% Neem oil, 100% soluble in water.
Rs: 243.2


Vision is Certified Organic product. Vision is rich source of silica which is most important micronutrient.
Rs: 703.76