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Compost Fertilizer

compost fertilizer is composted by natural process.It is full of natural NPK and Microbial useful to maintain soils fertility for long period.Natural Microbial helps to improve plant SAR (Systemic Acquired Resistance)
Rs: 197.6

FemiGrow -Home Garden

Femigrow boosts number of female or reproductive flower by activation of reproductive hormones.
Rs: 425.6

G5 Foliar

G-5 multi activity organic liquid extract contains five different contents which brings about plant and root growth as well as protects plants from pest-fungal attack and damping off/root rot.
Rs: 284.24

LIMON – Alert Biotech

LIMON® is an organic source product, LIMON is combination of Hydroxy Citral and plant extracts and works as a Organo-mineral fungus repellent.
Rs: 243.2

Measuring Containers

Keep a few of these on hand for all those times when you need to measure liquids in small quantities for Fertilizers and Pesticides.
Rs: 36.48

Neem Cake Powder

Neem Cake Powder is used as a very good organic fertilizer as well as used in Pest and Insect Management in Organic Farming.
Rs: 182.4


Oracle is an organic certified Chitosan based product. Chitosan is derived from sea crab and shrimps
Rs: 538.08


Immunity Booster Against Fungus
Rs: 606.48