Secure Organic Private Limited

Our History

Sudhir Sheth and Jignesh Shah came together in 2009 and travelled extensively across the interiors of Gujarat and Maharashtra to study the Agricultural process, the crop pattern and the problems faced by the farmers in Gujarat and Maharashtra. They visited various Agricultural universities and also many farms of various sizes to understand the different types of problems faced by each farmer. The kind of hardships they had to go through and the challenges they had to face. After much research and analysis of their understanding about the major concern areas, they joined hands to setup Secure Organic Private Limited.

The main objective was to educate the farmers in terms of the type of seeds to use, the methods of cultivation, use of right agricultural inputs and to promote organic farming.

A feather in the cap was to meet Dr. Ashok Shah, who is an organic guru, a doctorate in Agriculture and a scientist. Under the guidance, leadership and support of Dr. Ashok Shah, the task to work towards the objective became much simpler since they had a direction and the right path. Dr. Ashok Shah agreed to give them his complete guidance and support.

Secure Organic under the guidance of Dr. Ashok Shah conducted programs on Sustainable Organic farming, How to make Organic farming profitable, etc in Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Helps  farmers in creating demonstration plots in their farm to show the growth in the produce both qualitatively and quantitatively using their Organic agricultural inputs.

Our Vision
Our vision is to help farmers improve their livelihood by making the soil fertile to yield productive high quality output with less resources and contribute towards building eco friendly environment.

Our Objectives

  • To produce and market Agricultural Inputs efficiently and economically in an environmentally sound manner.
  • To maintain optimum levels of efficiency and productivity in all activities and to carry out up-gradation of Technology.
  • To continuously improve the quality and quantity of the output.
  • To attain increase in Agricultural Input production capacity year on year
  • To promote the use of Organic Agricultural Inputs in the local as well as International markets
  • To market Agricultural Inputs at Whole sale and Retail level

Why Us?
The following points highlight the credentials of the company :

  • All our products are 100% Organically certified by INDOCERT
  • All our products are innovative, tested and proven in Indian soil since many years to improve soil fertility naturally.
  • Wide range of products to improve plant nutrient, control plant insects and pest, protect plant soil borne diseases and enable plant growth to deliver high productivity results.
  • INDOCERT certification of Organic products approved.
  • Our strategy towards our supply chain is to make easy accessible to farmers.
  • Support service to assist non organic to organic conversion.
  • Diversified bio technology and agricultural industry team mentored by group of industry scientists.

Owing to the following factors, we have been able to earn the trust of our valued clients

  • Certified Organic Agricultural Inputs
  • Total quality management
  • Ethical business practices
  • We also customize our products based on client requirement
  • Timely delivery
  • Competitive price


Contact details:

 Contact Person: Mr. Jignesh Shah   Mobile: 09820408140