Vyenkatesh Agrotrade Pvt. Ltd.

Company Profile:

Vyenkatesh Agrotrade Pvt. Ltd (VAPL) is operated by Board of Director and was set up as a Private Limited Company on March 2007 emphasizing on marketing of Input (Biofertilizer, Biopesticide & Plant Growth Promoter) for all cultivable crops. In its decade journey, the company has set a new standard of corporate performance, reliable quality products, soil and plant analyses and fertilizer recommendation services to meet the world class standard. Agrisearch India Pvt. Ltd company is sister concern of the company and manage all manufacturing operation behalf of VAPL.

 Vyenkatesh Agro trade Pvt. Ltd (VAPL) specializes in organic farming Input product and prides itself in being able to provide satisfaction through using a fine balance of technology and practical experience.Our product range has been developed over the years to meet the market’s expectations of specialized /expert diversification. Knowledge of latest practices, technology and product development is continually intertwined with the essence of Asian farming to produce high quality input.

 Vyenkatesh Agrotrade Pvt. Ltd (VAPL) has a committed team with representatives located in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Madhyapradesh in India. These representatives are local people who know their area and its conditions and have previously been involved in the farming industry. This local knowledge is utilised to ensure each product is customized for the Soil and environment it will be working in. Our frontline people are supported by a highly qualified Research and Development team who design and approve each new and improved feature before production commences.

Vyenkatesh Agrotrade Pvt. Ltd (VAPL) Quality Assurance processes and procedures are accredited to ISO 9000 international standards adding further confidence the customer is receiving a superior product every time and all rage of product has been organically attested by APEDA’s affiliated certification bureau under the National programme for Organic production (NPOP 2005) which is runs under Ministry of Commerce, India

VAPL Mission:

 To improve productivity for farmers through a system that delivered affordable good quality input is an efficient manner.

VAPL Vision:

To develop a competitive, efficient and transparent agricultural input marketing strategy for promote organic,Eco-friendly and sustainable farming practices in respect to satisfaction of the producer or farmer.

VAPL Policy:

An efficient and sustainable extension system to supply sustainable input with technical information.

 VAPL Goals and Objectives:

    • Effective distribution networks to improve availability of Input (bio-fertilizer,bio-pesticide & plant growth promoter) to farmers.

    •  Train dealers, distributors and field assistance on marketing and technical skill for reach to grass root level of farmer.

    •  Promote marketing of small input packs.

    •  Introduce input supplier (dealers,distributors and field assistance) to promote ethical business standards and efficient supply of Input (bio-fertilizer bio-        pesticide & plant growth promoter)

    •  Promote cheaper mode of transportation.

    •  Strengthen research and extension linkage.

    •  Adopt participatory extension approaches.

    •  Introduce IT solutions to information generation and dissemination.

    •  Coordinate timely and transparently, non commercial demand for Input (bio-fertilizer,bio- pesticide & plant growth promoter).

    •  Promote alternative soil fertility strategies.

    •  Update knowledge and skill of field officers.

    •  Recruit staff to fill all established posts.

    •  Promotes organic, Eco- friendly & Healthy farming strategies.

    •  Promotes health awareness among farmer for produce healthy and non hazardous fruit, vegetables & food grains.

VAPL Marketing Strategy:  

Vyenkatesh Agrotrade Pvt. Ltd (VAPL) is a specialist company that provides Eco-friendly sustainable & Non hazardous farming Input through the marketing of BALANCE and EFFICIENT Input and within India and overseas.The company has three operating divisions:

     • Corporate Marketing Division;

     • Retail Marketing Division:

     • Export Marketing Division:

Corporate Marketing System:

Through the Corporate Marketing System our products has been reach up to more than 3 lacks farmers from all over India. We have been supply our products to 22 major states in India through various corporate companies. Our expertise has been conducting training programme to the farmers as well as corporate marketing executives in all above mentioned state for our product implementation direct to grass root level of farmer community in every part of the country. Followings are some major corporate companies associated with us for our corporate marketing company. 

      1. Fashion Suiting Pvt. Ltd (RCM), Bhilwara, Rajasthan State.

      2. Aarzoo InfoTech Pvt. Ltd, Pathan, Gujarat State.

      3. Glorious Emerging Network Pvt. Ltd, Mohali, Panjab State.

      4. Health to wealth marketing Pvt. Ltd, Patana, Bihar State.

      5. Bharti Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd, Yamunanagar, Haryana State.

      6. Green India Network Pvt. Ltd, Chandigarh, Panjab State.

 Retail Marketing System:

This system is initially benefited for domestic marketing strategy. We have been marketing our product through Agriculture Service Centers (Dealers & Distributers) which are located in various parts of rural places in the Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhyapradesh, West Bengal & Andrapradesh state. Maharashtra is our home state so we have been spread our brand at various part of the state through dealers and distributers other state we have been appointed dealers & distributers who are working their home state as per them capacity. In Maharashtra Our appointed field officer have been conducting field visit and continuously training programme to grass root level of farmer community according to season and cultivable crop, for better awareness of our products and its implementation among the rural peoples and farmers also company have been developed model plot at various places for demonstration purpose to farmer which helps to developed confidence of the product quality among the farmers community for better sales activity. Followings are the list of our dealers in various states.

 Followings are our State Wise Dealer list.

     1.  Mr. L.R. Patil Agency, Surat,Gujarat State.

     2.  Mr. Pankaj Bose Agency,Jabalpur,Madhyapradesh State.

     3.  Maya Tea Plantation Siligury,West Bengal State.

     4. Trilok Vision Enterprizes,Rajmundri,Andrapradesh State.


 Vyenkatesh Agro trade Pvt. Ltd (VAPL) business is influenced by global trends, namely a new wave of investment in agriculture sector from both private and institutional funding sources. VAPL very soon will be operates in the global market and willing to provide quality of Input to agricultural investors throughout the world. VAPL recently has been registered their product in Nepal, Bhutan like Asian country successfully and under process for registration with Kenya like African and Egypt like European country. 

Board of Director:

Followings are our Board of Director Panel.

       1. Mr. Ravindra Shirode: (M.Sc in Mathematics, M.B.A in Agriculture Management)

He is national level agriculture debater in corporate marketing industries and having 12 year vast experience in agriculture marketing filed

       2. Mr. Prashant Naikwadi:(B.Sc in Agriculture,M.Sc in Plant Biotech, M.B.A Agriculture & International Trade Management)

He has international organic certification inspector and near about 7 year experience in organic agriculture auditing system and international organic product trade.

      3.  Mr. Kiran Raut:(M.B.A In Marketing)

He is almost 10 year experience in corporate marketing system in agriculture.

Range of product:

We are marketing 7 products by our brand names which are developed according to different growth stages of the plant.

     1.  Bhusampada (Soil Conditioner)

     2.  Escalator  (Yield Enhancer)

     3.  Escalator power (Complete Nutrition for Plant Growth and Development)

     4.  NISA (Non ionic spray Adjuvant)

     5. Cane grow

     6. Rapid (Bio pesticide)

     7. Suraksha (Bio pesticide)

     8. Anarshakti (Special Product for Pomegranate)

     9. Venphos 400 SL (Biological Fungicide)

    10. Venxon SN 15 (Biological pest disease checker)


      1. Tea Research Association (TRA), Kolkata

      2. Maharashtra Organic Farming Federation (MOFF), Pune. 

Contact Us :

Vyenkatesh Agrotrade Pvt. Ltd.

D-13, Silver Hieghts, Opp Hotel Sandeep, Gurudvara Road, 

Mumbai-Naka, Nashik, Maharashtra, India. Pin - 422009.

+91-253-3058282, +91-9422249740, 8888810486.

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Bhusampada is organic certified soil conditioner,full of organic matter and organic nutrients. Bhusampada releases humic and fulvic acid which helps in:Root zone chelation,Improves structure and texture of the soil,Buffering action,Sodium management.