Non ionic silicon based spray adjuvant

Size of Product in Grams / Kilo Grams or Milliliter /Litre

Rs: 363.28 Price Inclusive of All Taxes.

Salient Features-

  • Non ionic silicon based adjuvant. 
  • Promotes faster & even soil panetration,reduces water evoporation
  • Acts as run off super spreader.budys help insecticides,defoliators & folier fertilizer to panetrate surface of leaf faster & more evently.
  • Completely biodegradable ,therefore no chance of residue.
  • ACt as activater& increase the activety of formulation

       • It is highly efficient.
       • It Promote plant growth by stimulating cell division.
       • Facilitates nutrient absorption by increases cell membrane permeability of roots hairs.


Trisiloxane compound - 85%

Solvent - 15%

Total - 100%


0.3-0.5 ml per liter of water