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Organic Farming is not merely method or technique for crop production but its more intellectual way of living and nurturing the mother earth. It’s philosophy of sustainable life and inclusive development of living beings. It demands to earn credibility and mutual reciprocation of well being. Organic farming and industries now a day’s not only command respect but also demands thorough share of research and education.

Organic Farming believes that healthy soil produces healthy food which leads to healthy people which ultimately results in healthy society and sound minds. “What you eat is what you become“.

Organic farming talks about Vitality, vibrancy & food web (microbes) of soil.

Let’s embrace the holistic notion that the health of nation built on agriculture is dependent on the long term vitality of its soil. Feed your soil properly and it will feed you.

We will need to keep in mind that coexistence (food web of :soil microbes ,crops ,humans ,livestock) has always been the key to flourish, the greed to absorb everything and replenishing nothing back will lead us to nowhere except destruction.

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