Immunity Booster Against Fungus

Size of Product in Grams / Kilo Grams or Milliliter /Litre

Rs: 606.48 Price Inclusive of All Taxes.
  •  Broad-spectrum organic immunity developer against fungus.
  •  Control all types of fungus-like system and contact.
  •  fully Eco-friendly for harmful to insects.
  •  control all types of fungus and also control soil-borne fungus. 
  •  within 3-4 days plant recovers from fungus and control period are 10-12 days.

Develops Immunity Against :

          Downy Mildew, Pythium, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Phytophthora, Fire blight, Botrytis, Sour Rot, Rust, Sclerotinia,

          Powder Mildew, Septoria Tritici, Eye Spot, Net blotch, etc.



        Fruit crops, Vegetable crops, Flowers, Oilseed crop, Leguminous Plants, Paddy, Wheat, Onion, Cotton, Berries, Sugarcane,          Brinjal, Watermelon, Cucurbits, etc.

Content :  

      Algal Extract        : 10%

      Organic Copper    : 0.06%

      Stabilizer              : 10%

      Solvent                : Q.S.


        2.0 to 3.0 ml/Liter with 0.5 ml/Liter Budys spreader