सेंद्रिय खते व जैविक कीड नियंत्रण

लेखक: जगन्नाथ शिंदे आवृत्ती: जानेवारी २०१४ प्रकाशक: गोदावरी प्रकाशन, नाशिक भाषा: मराठी पाने: ९६
Rs: 152 Price Inclusive of All Taxes.

Author: Jaganath Shinde.

Released: Jan 2014

Publisher: Godawari Publication, Nashik.

Binding: Paper Back

Language: Marathi

Number of Pages: 96


This book is all about Organic farming and techniques of pest control by organic methods, various natural organic pesticides. How to manufacture own organic pesticides from various plant extracts, information about plants acting as pest control. This book also explains method of controlling various plant deseases and pest by organic ways.