सेंद्रिय द्राक्ष शेती

लेखक: जगन्नाथ शिंदे आवृत्ती: नोहेंबर २०१४ प्रकाशक: गोदावरी प्रकाशन, नाशिक भाषा: मराठी पाने: १२८
Rs: 228 Price Inclusive of All Taxes.

Author: Jaganath Shinde.

Released: Nov. 2014

Publisher: Godawari Publication, Nashik.

Binding: Paper Back

Language: Marathi

Number of Pages: 128


This book is all about grape farming organic way. It explains about grapes verities, its cultivation practices and how we can product 100% organic grapes by using various organic inputs at different stages. Book also explains each fungus and pest problem which may occur in grapes farming and their organic solutions. It can be act as hand book of organic grape production.

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