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NEEM BASE INSECTICIDAL SOAP ( ORAGANIC CERTIFIED) ARKA BON is effective for the management of wide range of insect pests like Diamond back moth, Leaf Webber, Hoper , Aphids, Red Spider, Thrips, Scales, White fly, Leaf minor etc.

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  •   Botanical Insect Killing Soap
  •   Botanical Insecticidal Soap
  •   Kills Soft bodies  insects on contact
  •   NOCA certified and Compliant for use in organic agriculture
  •   ARKA BON  Contain Potassium salt of fatty acids which weaken the insects waxy protective outer shell.
  •   Spray every 10-12 days when insects are present on the crop.
  •   Ingredients in ARKA BON  are broken down into its natural elements within 7-10 days and will not persist in the environment.
  •   ARKA BON is only such kind of Insecticidal soap which does not leave any residue and is the research product of reknowed institute in India.

Direction for Use:

  •  For best results use freshly mixed solutions
  •  Don’t spray on newly transplanted seeding plant stressed by drought.


Foliar Spray :- 5 to 10 ml/ Liter of water.

2 to 4 Lit/acre depending upon Canopy of the crop.

Compatibility :-  

ARKA BON  is compatible with almost all commonly used pesticides, chelated micronutrients. ARKA BON  should not be used with water soluble fertilizers & Inorganic micronutrients.

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