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Exceed is an amino acid complex with essential micro minerals like Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Copper, Boron, Molybdenum, Magnesium in balanced form for foliar spray on vegetables, fruit crops, ornamental, flowers, spices and condiments in open field & poly-houses too.



  •   Exceed is a specially formulated Organo – Mineral Complex delivering essential Micronutrients to plants with maximum           bio-availability, tolerability and safety.
  •   Exceeds contains organic Nitrogen, helps vigorous growth of crop.
  •   Exceed helps to boost energy metabolism in the plant, which in turn helps to produce more and quality produce.
  •   Exceed helps to activate synthesis of Phytohormones in the plant .This helps overall growth and development of plant at all stages.

Dose :

–  1.25 gm Per Liter of clean water for foliar Spray – for High Volume Sprayer.

–  3.5 gm per Liter of clean water for foliar spray – for Low Volume Sprayer.

–  For Fertigation – 500 gm / acre Per application

Recommended Stages:

–  Peak Vegetative Growth Stage

–  Flowering Initiation Stage

– Fruit Development Stage

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