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Humi-Gel Home Garden

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Humigel is first ever humic acid in Gel form containing Humic Acid and Seaweed extract. It increases number of white roots as well as brings about overall plant growth. It also helps germination of seeds and speedy saplings growth.

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Humigel Contains:

Humic Acid:-12%,

Seaweed Extract:-Q.S.,


Humigel improves the uptake and translocation of Micro & Macro nutrients.

Humigel accelerates germination, seedlings vigour and growth of Roots to a large extent.

Humigel helps plants to resist drought conditions and make them strong.

Humigel improves the soil structure and fertility. Humigel also makes soil aerated.

Dosage:- 2.5 gm per liter of water.


1st Spray:- 15-20 days after Germination

2nd Spray:- At flowering stage


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