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विद्राव्य खते, सूक्ष्म अन्नद्रव्या, व जिवाणू खते


लेखक: जगन्नाथ शिंदे
आवृत्ती: जानेवारी २०१४
प्रकाशक: गोदावरी प्रकाशन, नाशिक
भाषा: मराठी
पाने: १४४

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Author: Jaganath Shinde.

Released: Jan. 2014

Publisher: Godawari Publication, Nashik.

Binding: Paper Back

Language: Marathi

Number of Pages: 144


This book is all about water soluble fertilizer, micro-nutrient fertilizers and bio-fertilizers. Its types, application methods, systematic usages and crop wise dosages. This book also explains use of individual micro-nutrient elements. How to identify particular micro-nutrient deficiency and application dosages to recover it. This book also gives introduction about bio-fertilizers, various bacterial fertilizers and their application.

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