1) Broad spectrum organic immunity developer against bacteria. 2) Effective against disastrous strains. 3) Harm-free to crop.can be included in IPM program.
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Salient Features-

  • Broad spectrum organic immunity developer against bacteria.
  • Binds to peptidoglycan on the cell wall altering osmotic pressure resulting in eradication of bacteria or spores.
  • Initiates intracellular free radical formation resulting in DNA and mRNA damage.
  • Shows killer effect on gram-positive as well as gram-negative pathogenic bacteria.
  • Harm-free to crop. Can be included in IPM program.
  • Strengthens immune response of host plant by stimulating monoterpenoids resulting in systemic acquired resistance.
  • Stimulates cytokinine synthesis resulting in excellent plant growth after bacterial attack.
  • Effective against disastrous strains.

Develops Immunity Against-  Xanthomonas Axonopodis Punicae (Oily Spot Blight) Xanthomonas Botrytis, X. campestris, Erwinia.

Crops -

Fruit crops, Vegetable Crops, Flowers, Oilseed Crop, Paddy, Wheat, Cotton, Sugarcane, Berri,


Algal extract 10%
Organic Copper 0.06%
Emulsifiers 05%
Stabilizers 05%
Solvent Q.S.

Dosage:   2 - 3 ml/Liter with Budys sprader (0.5 ml/Liter)