Immunity booster against sucking pest

Size of Product in Grams / Kilo Grams or Milliliter /Litre

Rs: 477.28 Price Inclusive of All Taxes.

Salient Features-

  • Broad spectrum organic immunity booster against sucking pest.
  • Stimulates salt loss of target insect pest resulting in decrease in sucking habbit of pest.
  • Quick result around 48-72 hours due to nervous system damage of pest.
  • Immunity developer against most common insect pests including sucking pest, mites, white fly and aphids.
  • Multi target sites therefore no chance of insect resistance.
  • Absolutely harm-free to crops.

Develops Immunity Against-

White fly, Mites, Aphids, Thrips, and other sucking pest, etc

Target Crops:

Fruits crops, Vegetable crops, flowers, Oilseed crop, Leguminous plants, Paddy, Wheat,Onion, Cotton, Berries, Sugarcane, Cucurbits, etc.


Algal extract- 10%

Organic copper- 0.03%

Organic Zinc- 0.09%

Stabilizer- 10%

Aqua- Q.S.


2ml/Liter with Budys sprader (0.5 ml/Liter)