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Shendriya Sheti (Tantrik Drushtikonatun)


Authors: Dr.Prashant Naikvadi, Released: First edition (Dec 2016),
Publisher: Sakal Publications, Shiroli Kolhapur, Binding: Paperback Language: Marathi
Number of pages: 206

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Now a day’s use of chemical fertilizer increased because farmer expects of more yields.  Due to over use of chemical pesticides and artificial stimulants soil health is going down. It is very much affected on human health also. To reduce this soil, water and air pollution we have only option of switching chemical to organic farming.

This book contains all the data of organic farming like How to measure soil pH, Organic Carbon, Importance of micro- organisms in soil, Soil testing, Intercropping, How to control weeds, Organic Fertilizers, Compost fertilizers, Vermi-compost, Bio-pesticides, Useful Insects, Acidic soil cultivation, Soil and water protection etc.

It contains collected knowledge of experienced organic farmers, Scientists, Organic Farming promotion National and International Institutes, Agricultural Universities, Organic Farming promoters.

It is in very easy language to understand all the farmers, those who are studying organic farming and who promotes organic farming at ground level.

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