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Most of the people are interested in gardening, may it be the terrace garden or the kitchen garden.  In fact one wants to be connected with the soil in whatever way possible.  As space is becoming scarce nowadays people are adopting terrace gardening.

In order to maintain the plants that you have nurtured with passion and care they need to be protected from different types of diseases, pests, stresses, and nutritional deficiencies.  Keeping all this in mind “Alligo Horizon Pvt. Ltd.” has brought in your service an innovative combo for pest control and nutritional supplementation.  This is a combination of “Ready to Use” products.

As you see in the picture it contains

  • “Orgafung” is the cure for all types of fungal diseases,
  • “Orgasuck” is the cure for all types of pests,
  • “Relive” is the nutritional supplement taking care of overall growth and lateral and white root development,
  • “Orgiflem” enhances female flowering and absorbs all sorts of stresses that the plant experiences,
  • “Shyam Samruddhi” which is the slow-release soil fertilizer, which provides the essential nutrients in the right amount at the same time it acts as a soil conditioner.

These are “Ready to Use” products, so anybody can use it directly on the plant without any problem.  They are completely organic, hence not harmful to even the beneficial insects and honeybees.  In fact, all of them develop immunity to fight against all sorts of problems.

The kit, which actually is priced at Rs.1500/-(all-inclusive) will be available at an introductory price of Rs. 1400/- only for the first 50 orders.

On top of this if you have exhausted any of the products after usage, don’t worry, we will be making you available the refill packs for all these products at many economical rates.  Since you already have the spray bottles with you only a refill pack will be sufficient for you.

So why wait anymore, get ready to develop your own terrace/kitchen garden by visiting orgakart.com right now and order the valuable and useful kit for you and get connected with the soil. 

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