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G5 – Home Garden

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G5 Granules Mutli Activity Soil enricher granules, organic certified granule fertilizer for all types of crops. G5 Granules is the patented technology. Its blend of seaweed extracts, amino acid blends, Herbal extracts and organic anti root rot substance.

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G-5 Granules contains five constituents:

Seaweed Extract :-It improves overall growth of crops due to plant cell division and increase in number of plant cells.

Amino Acid Blend:Due to Amino acids crops gets required nourishment at different stages of its growth. Hence there is healthy and vigorous growth and increased number of flowers and fruits.

Herbal Extract:-It protects crops from sucking pests in the initial stages of their growth. It also prevents attacks from other insects and pests as well as protects the plant from Nematodes and Termites.

Humic acid: – Due to Humic Acid there is profuse growth of white roots. Roots become healthy which ultimately enhance the plant growth. Presence of Humic Acid in soil helps easy absorption of nutrients present in soil by converting them in respective humate form. Humic Acid also helps plant to withstand adverse climatic conditions.

Anti root rot substances: – It sterilizes soil by killing harmful fungi such as Fusarium and Pythium.This results in minimising the attack of these fungi and prevents damping off.


25 gm of G-5 granules per plant for flowering, Ornamental plants .

50-100 gm  for fruit plants.

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