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Relive (R.T.U.)


Growth Promoter & Nourisher especially for Kitchen Gardening & Terrace Gardening.



Organic Manure Liquid


(Certified Organic Plant Growth Stimulant)


Salient Features:

  • Increased lateral and white root development with more nitrogen intake; hence enhanced growth stimulation.
  • Very economical when compared with other brands.
  • Immunity booster.  Helps in chelation and uptake of plant nutrients.
  • Less time to harvest.


Target crops:  Flowering plants, fruits plants, Wine grapes, table grapes, tomatoes, brinjal, cucumber, leafy vegetables, berries, watermelon, banana, potato, onion, oilseeds, greenhouse plants, cotton, rice, soybean, sugarcane, wheat, sorghum, etc. 


Method of Application:  Foliar spray 


Available Packing:   500 ml


Uniqueness:  Residue-free & Certified Organic Product

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