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COW URINE a filtered Cow Urine collected from various traditional Small Land Holders and filtered to remove any other contents.



Cow urine is believed to provide nutrients to plants at low cost. Also, this resource is available in small farms and allows the integration between cattle raising and vegetable crop activities, decreasing the cost of production due to the lower expenditure with fertilizers. Therefore, cow urine is considered an alternative for plant nutrition, metabolic activation and pest and disease control.

Some Organic Experts suggest it to mix with all type of Soil Application Fertilizers and also can be used for spraying as an Organic Fungicide or Pesticide. Cow Urine is full of Amonical Nitrogen as well as some useful Salts and Minerals.

After regular use of cow urine in the crops it is found that soil microorganism has increased along with the crop production. Cow urine, natural fertilizer also improves the soil texture, can improve the growth rate of plants and that will be results in increase in production. Use of cow urine shows no occurrence of any insect pest and diseases in corps. Cow urine works as plant growth promoter.

Expert suggests you can use it alone or mix with some other ingredients to get good results. Please remember that do not apply directly to the plants. You need to dilute it 10% with water and apply to the corp. One litter cow urine should dilute with 10 litter of water.

  Cow Urine Benefits

  • After use of cow urine in soil one can find considerable reduction in micro nutrient deficiencies.
  • Colour of leaves is more greenish.
  • Use Of cow urine Changes the soil texture and structure.
  • Creates good environment in soil for earthworm growth.
  • It works as biopesticide.
  • It works as plant growth promoter.

Cow Urine is used in various Traditional Organic Manures and traditional Fertilizer recipes such as Panchagavya (Milk, curds, ghee (unclarified butter), cow dung and cow urine, when mixed is called Panchagavya.).

 cow urine is to be used for agricultural purpose only.

Available in 1 Litre and 5 Litre bottles.

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