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A unique bacterial inoculant used for decomposition of garden and kitchen waste to convert it easily into compost fertilizer




This is a bacterial inoculant used for decomposition of garden and kitchen waste by which compost fertilizer can be made easily.


Salient Features:

1] Decomposes most of the kitchen waste.

2] Totally organic, consortium of bacteria.

3] Along with decomposition of organic waste, it also acts as a fertilizer to the garden plants.


Method of use:

1] Take a decomposing basket or crate [around 1 ft x 1 ft or any convenient size] and spread a layer of garden soil around half inch to 1 inch at the bottom.

2] Spread the dried material like garden waste, clippings and then again add a layer of soil over it.

3] Now add the layer of kitchen waste and again a soil layer.

4] Dilute Vastobact in 10 ml/litre of water and sprinkle the diluted liquid on the top of all these layers.  Please note that it should “only be sprinkled”, do not pour it.

5] Keep on repeating this method till the basket gets filled.

6] After one week, just mix all the material and again keep on layering .

7] After one month, you will get wet compost.  Keep it in sunlight for drying.  After drying, you can use it for plants.

8] You may get bad odor, so try to keep it in open space.

Dosage:– 10 ml /litre of water

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