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Hand Gloves


A must have Gardening Gear for Young Nature Lovers, Kids and All!

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A must have Gardening Gear for Young Nature Lovers, Kids and All

Working with soil can quickly dry out hands and cause cracking, not to mention it can leave behind ground-in dirt that’s hard to remove,especially under fingernails.Gloves protect hands from soil and drying, and they provide a barrier to any questionable organisms contained in manure and compost. Gloves also help prevent blisters from using gardening tools.

Orgakart offers gloves which are durable,strong and great for heavy lifting and pokey jobs like pruning.

If you are regularly out in the garden pruning roses or working with garden tools wearing a pair of leather garden gloves is a must.The thick material of these gardening gloves will protect your hands from sharp thorns or twigs,making it a lot easier to work in your garden and get the job done.

Our gloves specially designed to protect the hands from soil contact,chemical and pesticide contact. Also protect hand from sharp object while working in farm and garden.Provides better barrier protection from Toxic and non-toxic fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, as well as Oils, Fuels, Solvents,Cleaners,Chemicals,Transmission fluid etc.

These safety gloves are tough but still very comfortable.


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