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नॅडेप सेंद्रिय खाद पद्धती एवं अर्थशास्त्र


लेखक: गजानन गीरोलकर
आवृत्ती: जानेवारी २०१५
प्रकाशक: कृषी भारत प्रकाशन, नागपूर
भाषा: हिंदी
पाने: ६४

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Author: Gajanan Girolkar

Released: Jan 2015

Publisher: Krushi Bharat Prakashan, Nagpur.

Binding: Paper Back

Language: Hindi

Number of Pages: 64


This book is all about use of cow dunk and cow urine in organic farming, its important. This book is based on farming techniques innovated by Late Narayan Pandharipande, well-known expert and innovator of traditional farming techniques. How farmer can become profitable farmer by using cow and bulls in their farms. How tradition farming is useful for protecting environment, soil culture, soil micro-organism and soil fertility. Book also explain how farming can be done without use of machines and disadvantages of using machines in farming.

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